The Problem

Zener Maritime Solutions is one of the global leaders in Asset Integrity for the Maritime and Offshore Industry. Being a well known name in the Maritime sector, Zener did not feel that their website was at par to their global standards.

It was cluttered, non responsive and lacked hierarchy. It also followed a legacy design approach which massively took a toll on the entire user experience. The brief was to redesign Zener’s website in a way that mirrors their brand values.

Our Solution

Compared to its competitors, Zener Maritime Solutions had an obsolete website design and a weak visual structure. However, their offerings and values were unmatched - be its safety culture or their technologically advanced marine products.

By highlighting those advantages and using a strong, modern website design, we realized Zener Maritime Solutions can easily be seen as hands-down the best option for its target audience.

With revamping the entire design of the website, our goal was to enhance their business outcomes, help them retain their customer base, and keep their business at the top of the coveted search engine result pages.

We ensured that their content hierarchy , visual imagery , branding , and overall brand messaging was consistent throughout their website. The redesign was aimed at providing Zener Maritime Solutions clients with meaningful information about their offerings and build an emotional connect.

This would help establish trust and confidence in Zener Maritime Solutions, enhance their awareness, and ultimately empower individuals to get associated with the brand.

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