General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Compliance Apric of Interactive Digitalmedia (IDM) Private Limited is dedicated to keeping your data private and secure. It is important to us that you understand how we collect, process and retains data. We are fully compliant with the EU GDPR regulations. Data Policy What Data We Collect We collect and store only the information that is provided by you and your account users for your own personal or business benefit. Please be aware that we do not advocate or recommend sending confidential or sensitive data to Apric. There are situations in which we collect data on behalf of 3rd party data processors such as payment services, email providers, website analytics, etc. Upon request we can furnish a complete list of 3rd party providers and their own GDPR policies should you want access to additional data. What Data We Process We process data provided by you and your account users for your personal and business benefit only. In certain circumstances, we may combine information from 3rd party providers for internal purposes or for the personal or business benefit of the account owner. The data we process is used in the normal operations for the web-based services we provide as set out in our terms of service. Data Retention We retain data for the lifetime of your account while providing you with the ability for full control over this data. This includes modification and permanent deletion of your data from your account and archival backups. Account owners may request all of their data be furnished to them in a timely and organized fashion. Please contact support for all data requests Permanent Data Deletion Upon request of the account owner, we will process a full data deletion from our active records and archival backups. Once this process is complete we will be unable to reactivate your account or furnish you with your account data. Contact support for all data deletion requests. Security & Privacy Security Features TLS encrypted connection Network and security monitoring Multiple secure data centres Security awareness Secure offsite data backup Security Incidents Our team is committed to providing our customers with rapid and transparent information regarding suspected or confirmed security incidents involving stored data. Securing Your Data We have a firm policy not to share publicly or privately any user account or customer data with 3rd parties or individuals who have not been granted access by the account owner. More About GDPR GDPR Key Changes - GDPR Guide - Ask a question. Still, have a question? Please contact support at we would be happy to answer any questions process data deletion or help you with any other GDPR request. Please note that we do not handle GDPR requests through social media.