The Problem

To solve the ongoing problem in youth career readiness in India , Mytransform created an ecosystem where learning could be directly connected to careers.

However, the user journey in their current solution had a steep learning curve that led to a huge sum of money being allocated to regular training, which was not sustainable in the long run. They were looking for a solution that would enhance the user experience and add value to the user journey.

Our Solution

To streamline the overall flow, we designed a user-first application with core focus on the holistic experience.

As a result of having numerous different teams work on their existing application , the design system had a large number of inconsistencies
. To remedy the situation, we readjusted and redesigned the components and tweaked the flow.

The goal here was to simplify the process, increase customer retention rate, and make it stand out
. With a combination of the best design tools and a spearheaded UX strategy, we were able to redesign complex functionalities into simple, easy to understand product features.

The redesigned UI was clear and comprehensive, without taking too much space on the screen or the focus from the beautiful visuals, which allowed the user to easily navigate from one functionality to another.

The designs


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