Blue skys

The Problem

Dedicated to excellence in the landscape of recruiting, Goldwin followed a primitive way of hiring and communication.

These manual methods were not just hindering their overall communication, record, and time management but were also negatively influencing their credibility. They wanted to put an end to manual organization and adopt automation.

Our Solution

Hence Goldwin created a new platform called Blue skys. A powerful solution that embodies transparency, understanding, and safety for the low-trust blue-collar industry was necessary.

Since Automation had to be adopted from the get-go, We built a scalable, broad-based, and streamlined cross-border AI-based platform for Blue Collar Workers and Hiring Companies to join hands and make the process of recruiting seamless.

This means separate, dedicated dashboards for all the stakeholders - Blue Collar Workers, Hiring Companies, Admin, Master Franchise, Sub Franchise, and Field Representatives.

After careful research, each element on the platform was placed to serve a purpose and the interface was built to cater to any need that the particular stakeholders could potentially ask for in a recruitment landscape.

As blue-collar workers usually have low-end devices and lesser technical aptitude,we kept the interface minimal and accessible . Any complex elements were removed or broken down into easier steps so the platform could be leveraged and enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

We also offered resume building templates so the blue collar worker could apply to jobs without any roadblocks.

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